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Hear it from Dance Breakers!

Lucy C. Juilliard

"That was by far my favorite part of quarantine yet! I left with such a happy heart!!"

Bella P. ASH Company & Asst.

"I love your classes!"

Nicholle N.

"Your classes have meant EVERYTHING to my daughter (picture) during this time. It's hard to minimize something that a dancer loves so much. Thank you for being that saving grace for her"

Shu K. Houston Ballet, LADP

"Alyssa's class was amazing! It was super informative, plus the way she says things means a lot"

Jessica K. PGK Dance Project

"Thank you so much for class, it felt so good to move like that!"

Ren Y. Art Director

"I get shy and nervous but every instructor has been so kind and welcoming. I've been getting much stronger and learning so much. The perks of taking on challenges."

Lili M. Freelance Dancer

"Your class was amazing! It was my first ever zoom class. Thank you for teaching so well!"

Faith B. Recreational Dancer

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me back to my ballet roots. I have been missing ballet for a very long time and Candy's class fed my soul"

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