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Are you a dancer who wants to stand out from the crowd,

gain confidence in your skills and discover your unique artistry? 

we believe your greatest skill is being yourself

our "level up" philosophy

The fastest way to improve?

Instant feedback 

The best way to reach your goals

Train with your goal people

Dance Break's top industry

professional Instructors

Zoom Classes, Forums, Video

Feedback, & Mentorships

  • Self-reflection 





We guide you to discover your unique personal dance style.

Our empowering & ground-breaking teaching approach uses proven techniques:

  • Positive reinforcement

  • Consistency 

  • Exercises to move you out of your comfort zone & challenge you

  • Short & longterm                                   

  • Cultivating your personal brand 

We aim to inspire smart, unique, and confident dancers who drive the industry forward!

How we bring you the

best, boldest training

  • Tall and powerful, Candy Tong from Complexions

  • Creative extraordinaire, Antuan Byers from the Metropolitan Opera Ballet 

  • & so many more!

Dance Break's Instructors come from top concert & commercial dance companies worldwide!

we are dancers

who don't take no

for an answer when it

comes to our goals

Every instructor has challenged the norm and created their own unique, branded artistry.

now, tell us about you!

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